Hello we are OrangGO, nice to meet you..

Finally aoprichtingfter many discussions, brainstorming and long hours OrangGO has been founded.

We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team serving the Semiconductor industry. Our pro-active and down to earth approach is appreciated by our customers. We look forward working with you and your team and help you tackle your challenges!

We all have many years of experience in serving the semiconductor industry. After the bankruptcy of our previous employer Salland Engineering Software we decided it is time to take things in our own hands. After PDF Solutions Inc. acquired the software assets of Salland Engineering Software in 2014, we were able to establish the support team to continue supporting the customers we have been working with for years. We are dedicated as a team to continue supporting these customers we know for many years in an even better way.

tribuneWhy the name OrangGO? It is a combination of multiple things. Foremost we wanted to show our enthusiasm in the name. If you watch sport events you might have noticed that the Dutch are most of the time present in large numbers and all colored Orange. Secondly GO stands for a new fresh start as our own company. It also emphasizes our down to earth approach of serving our customers.

As OrangGO we look forward providing you with the best service as possible, working together with you and your team to provide solutions for your production environment.

On behalf of the entire team: Andre Stoelwinder

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