OrangGO is a company headquartered in the Netherlands with focus on software development for the ATE / Semiconductor industry. We have over 125 years of experience in the semiconductor test industry, focus areas being data collection, analysis, storage and cell control. We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team serving the Semiconductor industry. Our pro-active and down to earth approach is appreciated by our customers. We look forward working with you and your team and help you tackle your challenges!


OrangGO Board

andreAndre Stoelwinder: CEO

Andre is head of the board and one of the founding members of OrangGO. He is responsible for all outwards communication and is the main contact for business related issues. He is involved in supporting the sales activities and technical intakes. When not at the office he is traveling around the globe visiting customers and presenting at workshops.

Andre has over 20 years of experience in the Semiconductor industry and over 15 years of management experience. Improving Wafer Test has been the main focus for many years. This lead into two industry standard tools which are heavily used at many test sites and customers for many years. These tools are Exensio-Test Dynamic Cell Controller (previously know as SE-PROBE) and Exensio-Test – Probe Optimization (Previously know as SE-OPTIMIZE).

Before OrangGO Andre held positions at Salland Engineering Software, media publishing companies and Philips.

user-male-silhouette_318-55563.pngHenri Hannink: CTO

Henri is one of the founding members of OrangGO and board member responsible for streamlining the development team. In his role he is managing design, development and QA. Henri is the main contact to talk to our customers, defining requirements and project scope.

Delivering high quality and being on-time are two of the main focus points of Henri. He has over 20 years of experience in the Semiconductor industry and over 12 years of management experience.  He has been working on CPU upgrade products for several tester platforms, hardware tester enhancements, data analysis solutions and big data.

frank1Frank Thole: CIO

Frank is one of the founding members of OrangGO. In his CIO role he is responsible for the OrangGO infrastructure, facilities and assets. His main objective, besides being a senior software engineer first, is making sure that all members of the OrangGO team can do their job correctly by having the right (development) tools and access to all (communication) facilities required, from all over the world, without interruptions.

Before OrangGO Frank held a position at Salland Engineering as lead software engineer and has been working on Cell Controllers. Frank has over 9 years of Semiconductor experience, and is determined to expand that knowledge in the years to come.

robeRob Ewald: CFO

Rob is responsible for financial operations, strategy and investor relations. Prior to his employment with OrangGO. Rob has held positions as Chief Financial Officer at Salland Engineering and was involved with multiple startups.