We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team serving the Semiconductor industry. Our pro-active and down to earth approach is appreciated by our customers. We look forward working with you and your team and help you tackle your challenges!

We are a company headquartered in the Netherlands with focus on software development for the ATE / Semiconductor industry. The people of OrangGO have a total of over 125 years of experience in the semiconductor test industry, focus areas being data collection, analysis, storage and cell control.

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What is a 'Semiconductor' or "Chip": The black things with legs in your phone, tv, computer, coffee maker, car, pacemaker, sports tracker, etc that make them work.
Technically: A materials product - usually comprised of silicon - which conducts electricity more than an insulator but less than a pure conductor, such as copper and aluminum.
Semiconductors are usually very small and complex devices, and can be found in thousands of products such as computers, cell phones, appliances, and medical equipment.
As semiconductors have evolved and become more powerful, they have propelled many industries forward into a technological age. They are still an expensive component in many devices, so their pricing and demand trends go a long way in determining the profit potential of companies that sell devices with semiconductors in them. Chips are made by the billions each year. Semiconductor makers often see "boom and bust" cycles based on the underlying demand for chip-based products. This all requires a process not only for manufacturing but also for testing all these "Chips".
Testing Semiconductors is a special challenge and requires a special breed of technicians. That is our specialization. With all these modern cell phones, cars (airbags, radar, ..), medical solutions, etc it is important that quality is secured and cost is under control. Our engineers are experienced in controlling test, collecting the right data, improving quality and reducing cost of test. We have done this for many years as employees of Salland Engineering.
Now we have taken it to the next step as OrangGO and together with PDF Solutions we are ready to continue or to start working with you and your team.
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